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Klenspop POP Violet Review

These lenses* are sposored by Klenspop. Thank you! 
*I got two pairs of POP Lenses; in grey and violet. 
Klenspop opened jlenspop for Japanese too. Visit, if you're interested in! 

Product Info

Brand: New Bio
Name: POP Violet
Diameter: 14mm (color diamenter 13.6mm)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 12 months
Price: 13$



Lens packages came wrapped in a bubble wrap, inserted in a carton box as before. This time I've also received a leaflet with instruction, how to put the lenses on the eyes. We can also find this instruction on the back of the package. 

Inside the box is really practical, plastic packaging with vials, lens case and tweezers  (I got them before; I'm pretty sure they come with every order).

Color & Design

Lenses have spiral pattern, color is a mix of deep violet and black. Lenses are almost the same on both sides. 
In daylight they have pretty, cold violet color, but in artifical light or dim indoor they looks more like black, than violet. I think it's because of my natural, dark eye color. 


Lenses, as previous, are very, very comfortable! They're really thin, so I don't feel any discomfort when I wear them. Wering them I forget I have something on my eyes. Eyes doesn't get tired so much, so I can wear them for several hours. 

My Opinion

It's a second pair of lenses from Klenspop and I must say that they have the most comfortable lenses I've ever had. They're not the biggest lenses, but comfort of wearing is more important for me. If you want a really comfortable lenses, and size of them isn't important for you, I'll recommend lenses from Klenspop with all my heart!

Picture in use

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  1. You look very cute in these! (◕ u ◕✿)

  2. The bottom picture looks so sweet! The lenses really suit you. Looking forward to seeing the grey ones as well! <3

    1. I'm very busy last days, but I plan to do next review this week c:
      Thank you anyway, nice to hear it!

  3. I follow you, because your blog is fantastic! The color of this lenses look perfect and i think it is very good. You look so cute with these lenses. ;3

    1. Thank you! My blog is quite empty in my opinion. I don't have enough time to expand it, but I plan to do next review this week and work on new design. Thank you anyway!


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